Sponsors & Involvement

Sponsors play an integral part in developing Eventing Riders. Maintenance, training, housing, and field time can be a heavy burden on our young athletes. Thomas has already garnered the support of several prestigious Hong Kong sponsors to aid him in his quest for Olympic acheivements. Come join the team, and find out how your brand can work with Hong Kong’s next Equestrian Champion.



Owners provide a horse or one is purchased on the owner’s behalf. Owners pay all livery and training costs and are entitled to a percentage of prize money. A great benefit of being one of Thomas’ owners is that competition fees would be paid for.

Ownership means increased recognition. Owners names would be published in programmes as well as announced in commentary. Social media updates ensure wider exposure to a range of audiences.

Owners would be welcome at the yard to visit their horse and invited to attend Hong Kong team training sessions, if applicable. Competition plans would be created for discussion with owners. Progress would be communicated regularly. Ownership’s badges would be provided to attend International Events of which owners would be encouraged to attend.

In the event that the horse is sold, owners would receive the full price minus commission, to be agreed by both parties.


Fun, active, and the most cost-effective way to get involved in Eventing is by joining a syndicate. You can become part of a group of passionate supporters by paying a monthly fee. You can organise a group of friends to form a syndicate or join one to meet other syndicate members.

As a syndicate member, you would be invited to the yard to meet the horse and attend training sessions. Significantly you would receive invitations to national and international competitions. You would also be provided with ongoing updates about training and shows.


Representing brands that have the same philosophy is an important partnership. The relationship should benefit both parties. Brands would be associated with an up and coming international rider and reach National and International audiences. Demographics of which are largely affluent and female (British Eventing Report) and spend in favour of their passion. Included in the top 10 sporting occasions in the UK and with over GBP4 billion is spent in the Eventing sector, sponsors can expect good returns on investment.

Sponsors can expect to see:
Social media marketing
Product placement
Reviews and support for the brand


Founded in 1884 as a membership club to promote racing, the Club today operates a unique business merging world-class racing with entertainment. The unique and exclusive deals with sports wagering and lottery, as well as membership club privileges, allows the Jockey Club to operate like a well-oiled machine. The Jockey Club is consistently participating in charities and community contributions to promote welfare throughout the city.


The HKEF’s main objective is the protection and welfare of horses and ponies. They operate in concert with the Hong Kong Government to promote equestrian sports to the general public and local organizations through seminars and sports demonstrations for the curious. They are also responsible for organizing local and international competitions.


Established in October 2004, the HKSI aims to provide an experimental environment for sports talents to be scouted, and developed. The Hong Kong Government and the Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong work together to push their local talents on to the international stage. Their sports facilities are training grounds for swimmers, tennis players, fencers, riders, etc. Elite coaches are accessible for developing in Strength and Conditioning, Sports Science, Applied Research, and Sports Information. HKSI holds their talents to standards of integrity, ability to overcome, and skills in collaboration and teamwork.